How to Grow Peaches In A Greenhouse [year]

Peaches taste the best when picked at the right time. This fruit can be rewarding for a gardener due to its rich taste, health benefits, and multiple uses. However, growing a peach is not as easy as it seems.

You must consider the climate of your living zone for the best growth. This will enable you to choose the correct variety. If you select the right type, the remaining growing process will be relatively easy.

Can You Grow Peaches In A Greenhouse?

Yes, Peaches can be grown in a greenhouse with a lean structure and space on the back wall for attachment. You can tie the growths using horizontal wires with 9 to 12 inches of spacing. The best part is that this fruit can be grown in unheated and cool greenhouses.

Best Types Of Peaches To Grow In A Greenhouse

Here are some of the top types of peaches to grow in a greenhouse:

1.  Redhaven

Redhaven is the top peach variety to grow in a greenhouse because of the delicious taste. They come in medium size with firm skin and red color. However, the fruit can be small if you don’t thin the tree properly. The best part of this variety is its creamy flesh.

This type also contributes to most medium and large peaches in the US. Flowers on the tree blossom around spring while the fruit ripens during July. Its sweet and juicy taste also makes it suitable for canning and storing. So you can easily maintain your peach supply by growing Redhaven.

2.  Peregrine

Peregrine is another favorite peach variety for greenhouse gardeners because it is self-fertile. It will ripen around early August if you grow the variety in a cool greenhouse. Meanwhile, the fruit will be ready to harvest earlier if you grow it in a heated greenhouse.

The best feature of this type is that it is the easiest peach to grow normally and in a greenhouse. Its size ranges from small to large depending on the growth factors. The yellow flesh is also packed with flavors and healthy nutrients to satisfy your needs.

3.  Reliance

If you live in the northern region, Reliance is the top variety for you to grow in a greenhouse. It is a cold hardy peach suitable to withstand the climate in northern areas. This type may be one of the hardiest peach varieties, but its flesh is extremely soft to offer a good eating experience.

You can easily pick Reliance peaches during mid-August and enjoy the sweet fruit. This fruit can also be easily fan-trained against a wall in a greenhouse. So you don’t have to worry about a complex growing procedure.

4.  Hale

Hale peach is the top variety to grow in zone 4 of the US because of the climate. It has yellow flesh and comes under the freestone peach category. The skin is almost fuzzless, offering a smooth texture and making it easy to pick. Peaches of this variety are also larger than other types.

The flesh is also juicy with a rich sweet taste. This feature makes the peach suitable for canning. You can easily store large supplies to enjoy the fruit throughout the year. The tree is also highly productive and offers ample supply during harvest.

How To Grow Peach Fruit In A Greenhouse?

Peaches require deep rich soil, so it is preferable to dig the existing soil. You should maintain a depth of 2 to 2.5 inches and spread the fruit to 4 to 6 inches. Meanwhile, you should ensure 72°F during the day and 41°F at night.

Besides that, the temperature should be 76°F to 86°F during the ripening period. Maintaining the right range is essential to accelerate the growth process while retaining the best taste.

How Long Does It Take For To Grow Peaches In Greenhouse?

Growing a peach tree can take two to three years to give fruit. Meanwhile, sprouting takes about one to three months. You can also accelerate the time by maintaining optimal greenhouse conditions. The correct temperature range will help you accelerate growth by about 50 days.

Some peaches can also grow within a year to offer you ripe fruit. The time varies depending on the variety. If the peach is firm to touch, you must give it more time to grow. The fruit will be ripe when you can gently squeeze it.

Do Peaches Grow All Year Round?

There are multiple varieties of peaches allowing you to grow the fruit all year-round. The peak season for picking is summer which lasts from May to late September. You can also use hard varieties for growing the fruit in colder climates.

Besides that, you can help your summer peach tree survive in winter by keeping it on the north side and in the shade. This allows the plant to remain dormant during winter.

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