Do You Need A Heater In The Winter Time? (Answered)

If you are growing plants, fruits, or vegetables in your greenhouse, you will require heat many times during the year. Of course, if the winter season is harsh in your region, you will need to heat it more than ever. Many people use warm compost piles, bubble wrap insulations, passive solar energy, and more to heat the greenhouse during winter.

However, you can also use a heater or any other heat source. Here is what you must know about it.

Do You Have To Heat Your Greenhouse In The Winter?

If you live in an incredibly cold region, you will need a heating system or insulation to keep your greenhouse warm. On the other hand, even temperate regions will require a heating system.

Finally, if you live in a mild growing zone, then a passive heating option will fulfill your greenhouse needs. So, understand the temperatures of the region you live in, and then decide if you need to keep your greenhouse warm in the winter or not.

How to Heat A Plastic Greenhouse

If you don’t have a glass but plastic greenhouse, you can use a different method to keep it warm in the winter. One thing you can do is to place various compost bins inside your greenhouse. That is because, during a hot compost process, the compost pile can warm between 120 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Of course, that will also raise the temperature of the greenhouse. You can also place a space heater on the greenhouse floor that can blanket the tender plants with heat when it is colder during the evening and nighttime in winter.

How to Heat A Small Indoor Greenhouse

If you want to warm a small indoor greenhouse, you can use a small electrical heater or tea lights. You can also use a small fan at night to ensure air circulation and lower the temperature a little in the enclosed space. However, remember that you don’t need to utilize a big heating option in the indoor greenhouse.

Even small tea lights work well, depending on the size of your greenhouse. If it is a little big for tea lights, you can always invest in a small heater.

Ceramic Heater Works Well for a Small Greenhouse

Ceramic heaters can be used to warm a greenhouse in no time. However, if you have a big greenhouse, then they might not be the ideal option. That is because such heaters work the best in enclosed and small spaces.

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