How to Grow Lemons In A Greenhouse

Lemons are a staple fruit you will find in many households. You can use them to add a zesty touch to your food. The citrus item also offers multiple benefits.

The great news is that lemons are the easiest citrus fruit to grow naturally. You don’t have to spend much time caring for the plants as long as you water them adequately.

Can You Grow Lemons In A Greenhouse?

Lemons can be easily grown in a greenhouse by planting a dwarf variety. You can cultivate this fruit in a greenhouse by meeting its light, temperature, and moisture requirements. A day temperature of 70°F to 90°F will allow you to grow lemons in a greenhouse.

How To Grow Lemon Fruit Indoors

Here is all the information you need about growing lemons in a greenhouse:

1.  Plant A Dwarf Variety

You must choose a small variety such as Dwarf Lisbon for planting the tree in a greenhouse. It is ideal to put the tree in a 10-gallon container filled with soil containing loam, coarse sand, and milled peat. These components should be in equal parts.

2.  Place Near The Southern Side

Now you must place the tree near the southern side of the greenhouse. This will allow the fruit to get adequate sunlight for six to eight hours daily. You should also maintain a distance of 1 to 2 feet between the tree and glass. It will prevent leaf scalding.

3.  Monitor The Temperature

Monitoring the temperature by keeping a thermometer 2 feet above the tree is essential. You should open the ventilation units if it is above 90°F during the day. Meanwhile, switch on an artificial heat source if the temperature falls below 55°F at night.

4.  Water Properly

You should always water the tree if the soil is dry 3 inches from the top. Year-round irrigation is also necessary to grow the fruit in a greenhouse. So you must add water until the top 5 inches of the soil are relatively moist. You can lift the container for drainage when you add excess water.

5.  Fertilize And Prune

Feeding the lemon tree fertilizer every month is essential from early spring to summer. This will allow optimal growth during the warmer days. Meanwhile, stop fertilizing slightly before autumn arrives to make the tree partially dormant. Pruning in winter is also necessary to shape the plant and get rid of long branches.

6.  Watch The Leaves

During the harvesting period, you must watch the tree leaves carefully for pale color or spots. You should immediately harvest the fruit if you notice these signs because they indicate thrip infestation. Check the lemons for damage and discard the affected ones.

How Long Does It Take For To Grow Lemons In A Greenhouse?

It will take three to five years for a lemon tree to grow from seed and reach its maximum maturation height. Fruit is primarily produced during the fifth year, but you may accelerate growth using the ideal temperature range. The best part is that a lemon thrive will thrive for 50 to 100 years if you care for it properly.

Best Types Of Lemons To Grow In A Greenhouse

Here are the top lemon varieties you can grow in a greenhouse:

1.  Dwarf Lisbon Lemon

Dwarf Lisbon is an ideal greenhouse lemon variety because it can grow 8 to 12 feet tall. So you don’t have to worry about the enclosed space affecting the tree. The best part is that it produces tangy and flavorful lemons to fulfill your needs. This variety also bears large fruit like the standard types.

2.  Improved Meyer Lemon

The Improved Meyer lemon variety is a hybrid of oranges and lemons that produces juicy lemons. The fruit is less acidic and less sweet than the store-bought types. So it is an ideal variety for those who prefer tangy lemons. The best feature of this type is that it is virus-free and less susceptible to developing diseases in a greenhouse.

3.  Dwarf Bearss Seedless Lime

This is another ideal variety to grow in containers in a greenhouse. The tree will grow up to 6 to 8 feet tall. This is why it is the top lemon type to grow if your greenhouse is relatively smaller. You can enjoy mild-flavored fruit with this type due to less acidity. The best part is that it stores better than other lemons.

Do Lemons Grow All Year Round?

Lemon trees produce the primary fruit during winter, but you can harvest the tree throughout the year. Some varieties are also suitable for producing fruit year-round. Improved Meyer lemon is one of the top types that offer lemons throughout the year.

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