Should I Leave My Pop-Up Greenhouse Open or Closed at Night?

Every person is not fortunate enough to afford a well-developed wooden or metal greenhouse workshop. This is why you may be using plastic as the next best option. Such greenhouses are also great for growing crops if you maintain the right conditions.

A primary thing you may be wondering about is whether or not to leave the flaps of your plastic greenhouse open on windy nights. If so, this guide will erase all your confusion about this workshop type.

Leave The Flaps Closed On Windy Nights

It is recommended to leave the greenhouse flaps door closed on windy nights. The colder temperature ensures optimal conditions for the plants and prevents them from catching mold. If you leave the flaps open, you may excessively cool the greenhouse. This can affect the health of the plants negatively.

So it is advisable to leave the flaps of your plastic greenhouse closed on windy nights. Meanwhile, you should do the opposite on sunny days. Plants are more susceptible to diseases and other risks on warmer days. You should leave the flaps open on sunny days instead of windy nights for better air circulation.

3 Ways to Protect A Plastic Greenhouse From The Wind

You can protect a plastic greenhouse from the wind by ensuring a secure attachment. Here are the top ways you can do this:

1. Bury The Extra Parts

Typically, you will place the plastic on a metal or wooden greenhouse frame. This is why some parts of the plastic will remain exposed on every side because of the high length. You should bury them at least 20 cm below the ground. Doing this will improve the balance of the greenhouse against strong winds and allow it to remain stable.

2. Tie The Greenhouse

Plastic is a lightweight material and can easily blow away during strong winds. However, you can attach it more securely by using some ropes to tie the cover on each side. The strings act as a fence and allow the plastic to withstand strong winds during storms and other disasters.

3. Build The Greenhouse In A Sheltered Location

Sheltered sites on the property are preferable for plastic greenhouses because they are less susceptible to damage from strong winds. So you can maintain high durability by choosing such a location. It will also reduce the hassle of taking precautions, such as securing the cover using ropes.

Will A Plastic Greenhouse Protect From The Frost?

Plastic can be used for frost protection by maintaining the right conditions. It offers the safety to low and high garden tunnels, greenhouses, and garden cloches. The only thing you must ensure is that the workshop does not overheat.

Keeping flaps closed at night on windy and cold days will help with frost protection. Meanwhile, leaving them open on warm days will prevent overheating.

Final Thoughts

This is all you must know about whether or not you should leave the flaps of a plastic greenhouse open or closed on windy nights. Closing all flaps and vents during the night is the best option to prevent excessive cooling.

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